Meet Our Team
We’ve assembled a team of A-List Creatives, Coders, and Marketers to help you drive sales and build your brand.
Matt Rouse - Mathew Rouse Photo

Matt Rouse – Managing Partner

Host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Matt Rouse is the host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast with more than 150 episodes under his belt, author of more than 1000 articles, and instructor for our online training. He is the author of Crush SEO: Learn How To Market Your Local Business Online and the Crush SEO 2016 Pocket Guide, as well as Start Saying Yes and Flattening the Hamster Wheel.

Matt is also one of the authors of our 10+ training courses including the Inbox Mastery Email Marketing Masterclass.

Visit to get information on having Matt as your podcast guest, a digital summit speaker, or a speaker at your event.

Scott Burson –Managing Partner

Leader of Team Costa Rica, Server Whisperer

Having your content load as quickly as possible and as securely as possible will keep your rankings safe from malware, hacks, slow Internet connections, and other negative effects on your search rankings.  Many companies completely ignore the technical aspects of SEO and how server configurations, sloppy code, bad plugins, off-site iframing, non-minimized scripts, and oodles of other things can kibosh your search ranks.

Scott and his team will make sure to diagnose these problems, correct them, and keep your backend in tip-top shape.  And we don’t mean your behind, but we will cover your behind when it comes to search!

He is a co-author of Crush SEO: Learn How To Market Your Local Business Online.

Kari Rouse – Operations Manager

Co-host of Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Kari helps make your vision of your business turn into a reality. Whether you want to start from scratch on your website with new concept creation, design, and functionality, or you want to give your current website a facelift and some pizazz.

Kari will be your guide while making sure the back end is built with the same amount of love and care as the customer-facing front.

By working closely with you to nail down the specifics of your new website, SEO and ranking desires, social media marketing metrics or full-blown advertising campaigns. Kari makes sure that we stay on track, meet our budget targets, and get your project done while making you feel taken care of.

“You are my number one priority.”

Meribeth Meza – Administration & Translation

Meribeth, or Meri, is our company translator and keeps the whole system running smoothly. She also helps manage the Costa Rica office with Scott.

Her polite manners, positive attitude, and excellent translation skills are an asset to Hook SEO and we are lucky to have her!