Meet Our Team

We've assembled a team of A-List Creatives, Coders, and Marketers to help you drive sales and build your brand.
Matt Rouse of Hook SEO

Matt Rouse – SEO Team Lead

When it comes to search optimization, Matt has two decades of experience and stays up-to-date with over 50 hours a month of SEO and SEM research. He is the author of 7 editions of Crush SEO: Learn How To Market Your Local Business Online and the Crush SEO 2016 Pocket Guide.

Matt is known for finding solutions to “unsolvable” SEO problems. When marketing companies can’t find solutions to their SEO woes, they call Hook SEO. Our team of experts can crunch the data, find the technical issues, analyze the competition, cross the t’s and dot the i’s and find a solution for your company.

Scott Burson of Hook SEO

Scott Burson – Technical SEO and Server Ninja

Having your content load as quickly as possible and as securely as possible will keep your rankings safe from malware, hacks, slow Internet connections, and other negative effects on your search rankings.  Many companies completely ignore the technical aspects of SEO and how server configurations, sloppy code, bad plugins, off-site iframing, non-minimized scripts, and oodles of other things can kibosh your search ranks.

Scott and his team will make sure to diagnose these problems, correct them, and keep your backend in tip-top shape.  And we don’t mean your behind, but we will cover your behind when it comes to search!

He is a co-author of Crush SEO: Learn How To Market Your Local Business Online .

Jeremy Marcott of Hook SEO

Jeremy Marcott – Project Manager

Jeremy is the man with the plan. As project manager, Jeremy makes sure that your project is handled efficiently and that we get from concept to execution on time and on budget.

Jeremy knows what it takes to nail down your project deliverables, and make them happen.

Richard of Hook SEO

Richard Holman – Web Designer

Richard has the professional and artistic eye when designing a stunning website for your company and refuses to allow your site to look like the countless forgettable sites you scroll through every day.

Saira Siddiqui Hook SEO

Saira Siddiqui – Public Relations

With several years of business development, destination marketing, and website management behind her, Saira knows how to make your business sound good and get you more customers! From press releases, blog posts, and content editing Saira positions your business in a way that brings people to you.