When it comes to your business, you are the expert. Remember that you may not be THE Expert in your field, but compared to the average customer, you are an expert. You deal with your business day in and day out.  You know the tricks of the trade. That’s why people come to you to use your product or service!

Write it down on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror if you have to.  Remind yourself that YOU ARE THE EXPERT AT YOUR BUSINESS!


You are the expert at your business. Share your knowledge and expertise.

People Don’t Know What A N.A.P. Citation is.

People generally don’t know what a NAP Citation is.  They don’t know what Meta Tags are.  They usually aren’t up on the latest Disavow Link Tracking systems.  And they shouldn’t have to. That’s my job to know those things, and customers look to me for those answers because I am the expert in my industry.

I don’t know anything about the different types of insurance policies available for my car short of “minimum coverage” and “full coverage”, which I am told is not a real thing. That’s why I have my own Local Insurance Agent who answers those questions for me. He is the expert at his business, so that I don’t have to be.


If They Don’t Know the Business, How do They Choose a Company?

In a word, trust.  TRUST is how people select a provider of a product or service.  If they don’t know anyone they trust, they will generally either perform some research or ask around. In some cases, they may just go to the first place they see. If they already have someone they know and trust who provides the needed service, they will not bother going anywhere else.

How do you build trust? BY HELPING PEOPLE.  Share your knowledge. Share some the tricks of the trade or tips about cool ways to use your product.  Explain to people why they need one type of product or service versus another type. Networking, volunteering, and community events are all great ways to get to know people and share your knowledge.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise shows to people that you are an expert in your field.  This shows that you are an AUTHORITY on the subject. People respect the opinion of people who are an authority on a subject just as much as they respect people in positions of authority.  They have examples of you sharing your expertise and you have shown them that you are an expert and a professional that they can trust.

And when they need a product you sell, they are going to visit the person they trust. In most cases, that person will be you!


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