Serendipity: n. a fortunate, lucky happening; a pleasant surprise. Something unexpected but welcome.

It’s not something you can predict or cause to happen directly, but you can help to encourage it to happen more often. Rand Fishkin talks about serendipity and how it plays into the “paradox of exceptional marketing”. Some companies make it big. Others do not. There is so much that stands in the way of success, and sometimes, a little “luck” can make all the difference in breaking down those barriers.

We’ve all experienced luck in meeting the right person at the right time, or in someone being on the right conference call pr at a presentation. From there, we’ve seen positive changes in our careers, or our businesses have grown.

Though there is no way to quantify luck, there are some things you can do help influence your business luck and serendipity. Rand talks about this in his presentation, concluding that business benefits from actively enabling serendipity. While we can’t generate luck, you can partake in activities that you “really don’t have time for”. It is during these times that we create opportunity and increase the “potential vectors of exposure”.

So go out and do things in your community, meet people in your network, offer to do a free presentation about something you’re an authority on, send that email, make that phone call. Do the things you don’t have time for.


A prime example: engaging and interacting with your local community through your business chamber! Our local chamber is hosting an evening networking event, [email protected] Events like these offer that outlet for you to make connections and increase your potential for exposure.

Rand’s second tip was to do things you love, as you likely won’t find much serendipity in things you hate. So get out there and have fun! Join us at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce’s quarterly event, [email protected]! You can find more information on their website here.

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