We are your SEO Professionals.

Search is about Intent:

When someone asks a search engine a question, or query, the job of that engine is not just to provide an answer. It’s job is to get the best answer to that query. This means that the intent of the search is important. We know how to tailor your content to answer the question and the intent.

Search is about Authority:

Is your website an authority on the subject you’re trying to rank for? If not, why? We can teach search engines to recognize you, your website, and your brand as an authority on the subject matter you are trying to rank well for.

Search is about User Experience:

How fast does your site load? How well is the information organized? Can people find what they are looking for? How is navigation? Is there a clear call-to-action to help the visitor know what to do next? We fix user experience.

It’s not just about being on Page 1.
It’s about how many times you’re on page 1.

– Matt Rouse of Hook SEO
We understand local search and the terminology people use in the Portland metro area. PDX and Washington County have their own language and culture that a national agency just can’t replicate.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), also known as “Inbound Marketing”, are variations of the same idea. How do you get found to turn that attention into leads, and leads into customers?

Hook SEO has the experts, the experience, the tools, and the drive to get you the right search positions for the right topics that build your sales and marketing funnel.

Here’s the process we take , we take your target market from online search to your new customer:

1. Gather Attention to Your Brand
2. Build Trust and Authority
3. Lead Magnets
4. Advertise Your “Hook”
5. Micro-transactions & Minor Victories
6. Call-to-Action for Your Offer
7. Execution
8. Follow Up
-Digital Marketer
Why SEO?
Understanding how search worksis the biggest barrier to companies spending money on SEO. If your CEO or management are happy with your website being a glorified phone book listing, then there is no need for you to read the rest of this page.  Save yourself some time and flush those marketing dollars down the nearest commode. Education is key to getting buy-in from your managers, owners, decisions makers, board members, etc. Hook SEO would be happy to help educate the decision makers in your organization about SEO and search marketing.

Search requires first learning how your customers seek out your products or services and then creating an easy and effective way for them to find your company instead of your competitors.

Search optimization has to be focused on specific goals and those goals need to be planned, implemented, executed, tracked, and revised. SEO is not a one-time event. It’s a marketing strategy with measurable ROI.

There is a Financial Incentive for Better Rankings

There are generally only 10-15 results on a single page of a search engine. As much as 95% of all the results clicked can be on the first page, with the first few organic search or map listings receiving the majority of those clicks. Ranking better for a product or service you offer means more clicks.  Those clicks can result in more leads and more sales. There is a joke in search marketing that people hide dead bodies on Page 2 of Google, because no one ever looks there.

Isn’t Finding Our Content Google’s Problem?

Computers just aren’t very good at recognizing cognitively difficult subjects. Search engines are very good at organizing text, but the content of images and photographs are implied by their filenames, metadata, and other surrounding content. And then there is the problem of wording, jargon, or industry terminology.

A great example of this is my friend who is a Chiropractor.  He likes to hold the back of his neck and squint his eyes and turn his head to the side, as if he has a stiff neck.  He makes that action and says, “Anyone who does this is a good lead for me.” But how do you explain an action to Google?  A professional copywriter with technical backup can get this message across to search engines and match that information to the questions users are typing into search engines. Hook SEO knows how to match the lingo of your potential customers with a search engine’s algorithms to point them to your business or service