June 2016, Online Marketing Changed
In June 2016, Facebook rolled out the new “conversion pixel” and it changed online marketing forever. After that, Google, Bing, Pinterest, and YouTube started playing catch-up. Tagging has given us the ability to track user actions with laser focus and guide our visitors on a cross-platform journey from introduction of your brand, to sales, advocacy, and follow-up to maximizing profit with customer retention.

Sales funnels generate leads and leads generate sales. We build marketing funnels from start to finish. We gather the attention of your potential customers at the top and convert them into customers at the bottom!

What is a Sales Funnel?
A sales funnel is the process you use to make money. It defines your strategy and your actions. Attracting potential customers from your demographic, on-boarding, sales, and follow-up are all parts of your sales funnel.

Sales funnels will differ by type of business, but they have the same core principles:

Who is your customer?

Determine the demographic of your core customer.

What is your offer?

Not just what you’re selling, but what is the problem you are solving for your customer?

Where are your customers?

Where are they, and how do we reach them?

Designing your on-boarding process.

How can we help them make their purchase and solve their problem?

Follow-up & brand advocates.

We don’t just want them to have a great experience, we want to teach them how to tell others about you!
Hook SEO built my sales funnel for my health and wellness business. They manage every step of my sales process.

They find the prospects and then manage newsletter signups, drip campaigns, and the closing process. They help me manage relationships with my existing customers.

– Essential Oils with Kari / Start Now Wellness
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