Podcast Season 2, 2020

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Hosts: Matt & Kari Rouse
Produced by: Matt Rouse & Scott Burson
Announcer and Editor: Daniel D. Craig

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Episode Guide & Show Notes

Episode 136 – Matt’s Jolly Holiday Special

Air Date: 12/25/2020

Happy Holidays!


Show Notes:

Have Matt Rouse as a guest on your Podcast or Radio Show

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Episode 135 – Going Digital To Coach Coaches With Maxwell Nee

Air Date: 12/23/2020

Matt speaks with Master Coach of Coaches, Maxwell Nee, about taking their coaching business online and how they have been able to see explosive company growth for their brand and expand the number of people they can help grow.


Show Notes:

High Performing Coach

Show Clips on ProFound

Episode 134 – Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget

Air Date: 12/18/2020

Matt talks business with Sarah St John who is an entrepreneur, podcaster, online course creator, and author and the podcast host of “Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget”


Show Notes:

Sarah St John


Episode 133 – Kate Walling From Traction Hero Helps Blitz-Scaling Teams Achieve Massive Growth

Air Date: 12/15/2020

Kate Walling is an executive marketing consultant and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley with more than 15 years of experience building dynamic marketing teams. Kate helps funded companies blitz-scale for hyper growth.


Show Notes:

Traction Hero

Kate on Twitter

Episode 132 – Selling On Amazon Without Ever Touching A Product

Air Date: 12/10/2020

Rob Cosman teaches us how to sell products on Amazon from anywhere in the world without ever touching the products. We also chat about retail arbitrage, seller central, and Fulfillment By Amazon.


Show Notes:

Selling from the Beach

Episode 131 – Becoming a Digital Nomad at 55 with Helen Tonetti

Air Date: 12/08/2020

A pair of Digital Nomads that work with growing accountancy practices that want real results from their digital marketing efforts. As independent advisors, they map out where you are with your digital marketing, and what needs to be improved or created to achieve your sales/ business goals.


Show Notes:

Make Digital Work


LinkedIn Profile

Episode 130 – PR for Tech Companies with Jonathan Narvey

Air Date: 12/07/2020

Ex-journalist turned tech PR executive teaches us how to start in Public Relations. We talk about publication councils, submissions, editorial process, and thought leadership development. Jonathon Narvey from Mind Meld PR joins us and spills the beans on tech public relations.


Show Notes:

Mind Meld PR

129 – Sales Attribution Really Can Be Accurate

Air Date: 12/03/2020

Data-driven marketer, Scott Harward from Journicity joins us to talk about how sales attribution doesn’t have to be wild estimates and guesswork. Scott and Matt chat about how to turn multichannel conversion data into real reporting.


Show Notes:


128 – Building Up The Construction Industry With Elinor Moshe

Air Date: 12/01/2020

From both sides of the planet at once, we chat with Elinor Moshe who helps the construction agency break into the modern world of business social media, and marketing.


Show Notes:

Elinor on LinkedIn

Elinor Moshe

127 – Going Limitless With StacyB

Air Date: 11/30/2020

What is the one ingredient missing for your whole-life-success? Find out when I chat with StacyB of Limitless With StacyB, who started her own real estate business at age 19 and now helps women entrepreneurs and agents get more done, with less stress, and crush their goals.


Show Notes:

Limitless With StacyB

126 – Life Of An Influencer With Short Girl Power Smushipig

Air Date: 11/18/2020

With years of experience in public speaking and modeling, combined with her gift of short height at 4 foot 8 inches tall, Samantha Javier uses her influence to make others feel tall, motivated and empowered. This Filipino-American influencer is better known to her fans as “Short Girl Power Smushipig.”


Show Notes:


125 – Live Your Bucket List with Trav Bell

Air Date: 11/16/2020

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy…The World’s No.1 Bucket List Expert. For the last 10 years, he has helped wake people up to live their list before they get given their use-by date!


Show Notes:

Trav Bell

124 – Creating Brand In A Changed World With Barnaby Wynter

Air Date: 11/11/2020

Barnaby Wynter brings his Brand bucket to the show to share with us a 6-step Buyer Decision-Making Process. With the buyer now in control and different limitations on World 2.0 from the Pandemic, we talk branding, marketing, and sales for the new world.


Show Notes:

Barnaby Wynter

123 – Public Speaking on MasterTalk with Brenden Kumarasamy

Air Date: 10/29/2020

Learn to Master the Art of Public Speaking and Presentation. Brenden Kumarasamy is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master the art of public speaking and communication. He coaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world.


Show Notes:

MasterTalk YouTube

MasterTalk Instagram

MasterTalk LinkedIn

122 – Prewrite The Script With Trent Anderson

Air Date: 11/07/2020

Trent Anderson is the COO of a content planning tool used by writers and marketers at Netflix, Disney, and Goalcast. Is it time to start professionally scripting your stories?


Show Notes:


121 – Online Business Bookkeeping With Parker Stevenson

Air Date: 11/03/2020

Parker is a co-owner and the Chief Business Officer of Evolved Finance; a bookkeeping agency that specializes in helping online businesses to become more profitable and sustainable through their financial data.


Show Notes:

Evolved Finance

Episode 120 – How To Win The Inbox With Matt Rouse

Air Date: 10/29/2020

Somehow I skipped the Halloween Episode I was planning but never fear, Matt is here to show you how to become an Inbox Master with the 3 secrets of email marketing everyone should know and tons of other insider info from more than 2 decades of email marketing experience.


Show Notes:

Inbox Mastery

Episode 119 – Crushing the YouTube Algorithms With Nate Woodbury

Air Date: 10/29/2020

Nate Woodbury is the Producer for twelve YouTube channels that are lead generation machines for expert entrepreneurs, like Speakers, Coaches, and Course Creators. His largest channel generates over $1 Million per month, all from organic YouTube Traffic. Matt and Nate break down what it takes to crush the emotion engine on YouTube!


Show Notes:

Be The Hero Studios

Episode 118 – Why Every Business Should Have a Sales CRM

Air Date: 10/27/2020

Jeroen is co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM built for SMBs selling B2B, mostly popular with agencies and fast-growing startup companies.
Salesflare itself was founded when Jeroen and his co-founder Lieven wanted to follow up on the leads for their software company in an easier way. They didn’t like to keep track of their leads manually and built Salesflare, which pulls customer data together automatically and then actively helps you to follow up.


Show Notes:

Jeroen on LinkedIn

Episode 117 – Landing Page Fights With Nicholas Scalice

Air Date: 10/22/2020

Nicholas Scalice, the host of the Growth Marketing Toolbox show, talks landing pages to increase conversions and turn prospects into revenue. We talk about optimization, software, workflows, CRO (conversion rate optimization), and copywriting.


Show Notes:

Nicholas Scalice on LinkedIn
Growth Framework

Episode 116 – Where To Find Customers Online With Jose Quiroz

Air Date: 10/20/2020

Jose Quiroz is Managing Director of Digital Caliente, a digital experience studio that helps brands define short-term and long-term digital strategies for their organization. Client partners include AT&T, Mini Cooper, Star Trek/Paramount Studios, Shoe Palace, Nice Kicks, and more. We talk about where to find customers in the digital world.


Show Notes:

Jay Quiroz
Jay Quiroz on LinkedIn

Episdoe 115 – Before Family Game Night, There’s Gabe Barrett

Air Date: 10/15/2020

Before you get the family around the kitchen table to play that board game, someone designed it, prototyped it, play-tested it, edited, pitched, produced, and sold it. That process starts with Gabe Barrett from the Board Game Design Lab.


Show Notes:

Board Game Design Lab

Episode 114 – We Look Inside Customer Experience with Chris Wallace

Air Date: 10/13/2020

Reputation, experience, and referrals are what help new businesses grow. Customer experience is taking commodities and turning them into brands people value. Chris from Innerview helps companies effectively transfer their brand messages to frontline employees.


Show Notes:

Innerview Group
Christopher Wallace on LinkedIn

Episode 113 – One Upon a Time in Story Ads with Vidya Ravi

Air Date: 10/3/2020

Once upon a time, there was a conversation between our host, Matt Rouse, a valiant knight from the old country, and Princess Vidya Ravi, who rules the land of Storybird Ads. They used their magic and might to educate all the nobles and knights of the land about how Facebook Ads can be used to advertise experts, authors, and coaches.


Show Notes:

Storybird Ads

Episode 112 – We Go Green With Byran Clayton

Air Date: 10/6/2020

Bryan shares the incredible story of YourGreenPal and how he went from mowing lawns to running a two-sided marketplace. How they started it, grew it, and were able to build a huge business without venture capital. Business insights to focus your business and sharpen your marketing.


Show Notes:


Episode 111 – Creative Storytelling with Geoffrey Golden

Air Date: 10/1/2020

We talk about customer experience and then Matt and Brenton dig into privacy, blockchain, decentralized applications, surveys, customer engagement, and more. Find out about bias in customer surveys, the problems with news outlet advertising, companies who can’t read the room… buckle your seatbelts for this conversation!


Show Notes:

Half Time Orange

Episode 110 – My Favorite Podcaster is Matt Johnson

Air Date: 9/29/2020

I got to interview my favorite podcaster! We talk about podcast marketing, developing systems, building teams, and getting featured on other podcasts. We talk about clarity of messaging and point of view. We even talk about old parody movies! Do not miss this fun and enlightening conversation.


Show Notes:

Pursuing Results

Matt Johnson

Episode 109 – Creative Storytelling with Geoffrey Golden

Air Date: 9/24/2020

Do you need to level-up your storytelling? Geoffrey is a narrative designer for video games with a passion for interactive storytelling. As a writer with over 15 years of experience, his career spans multiple “medias”: comics, audio fiction, tabletop games, cartoons – the whole enchilada. We talk about creative writing and storytelling for business.


Show Notes:

Geoffrey Golden

Adventure Snack

Episode 108 – Shaily Hakimian Is Your Social Media Sherpa

Air Date: 9/22/2020

Ninety percent of people who try social media marketing are willy-nilly about it, and that’s not what works. Shaily Hakimian, the Social Media Sherpa, is here to help you get on track with consistency and having a social media mindset..


Show Notes:

Your Social Media Sherpa

Shaily Hakimian

Episode 107 – Answer2Cancer with Dianne Danowski Smith

Air Date: 9/15/2020

Could you be the answer to cancer? Dianne and Matt talk about the US-based non-profit started by a stage 3 cancer survivor who discovered a gap between a cancer diagnosis and dealing with all the doctors, nurses, organizations, financials, treatments, and other things that suddenly happen when you discover you or a family member has cancer.

Dianne started the Answer2Cancer event, originally an in-person event, now digital for 2020, to fix this problem. It is a free patient information event with information from caregivers, doctors, oncologists, nurses, NPs, and social workers.


Show Notes:


Episode 106 – Re-imagining Payment Processing With Selina Meere

Air Date: 9/10/2020

Selina Meere is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Park Place Payments which is the only female-founded company in the payment processing space. Their female executive team is taking on the payment processing world. We talk gender gap, the dark-side of payment processing, and how it’s often only one step above the black market, as Matt says.


Show Notes:

Park Place Payments

Selina Meere on LinkedIn

Episode 105 – Social Impact Leadership with Andrew Gottlieb

Air Date: 9/3/2020

We’re talking about social impact leadership, growing a benefit corp during the COVID pandemic, and marketing businesses that are aligned with a greater purpose.


Show Notes:

No Typical Moments

Andrew Gottliab on LinkedIn

104 – Living Your Passion with Bunny Young

Air Date: 9/3/2020

Stunt woman turned entrepreneur Bunny Young has a frank discussion with us about how aligning business and passion can reduce stress and keep us affluent and happy. As a business-therapist, she drops some knowledge on work-life alignment.

Show Notes:

A Better Place Consulting

Bunny on LinkedIn

Episode 103 – Re-opening Strategies with Sam Pardue

Air Date: 9/1/2020

Sam Pardue is the CEO and Founder of Indow and converted the Lean manufacturing process into the Clean manufacturing process to help businesses reopen safely. Indow is a mass custom manufacturer that manufactures and markets window inserts that press inside your window frames.

Show Notes:

Sam Pardue on LinkedIn


Clean Practice Manufacturing

102 – Selling on Amazon with Liran Hirschkorn

Air Date: 8/27/2020

Liran shreds the airwaves with strategies and tips you didn’t even know were possible to become an Amazon power-seller. If you are selling or thinking about selling on Amazon, you better put seatbelts on your ears for this one.

Show Notes:

Incrementum Digital

Episode 101 – Building and Marketing a New Business With Ryan Hanley

Air Date: 8/25/2020

Checking back in with Ryan Hanley of Rogue Risk. Talking about ways to build trust and authority and Matt throws down some modern strategies for new agencies and agents from the SEO and social media advertising ecosystem.

Show Notes:

Ryan Hanley

Rogue Risk

Episode 100 Future Proofing Your Business Recorded Live

Air Date: 8/19/2020

Matt and Kari recorded Episode 100 Live with ways to Future-Proof yourself and your business. We talk about mindset, pivoting, communication, and marketing voodoo magic!

Show Notes:

10-Day Outreach Challenge
Tools We Recommend

Episode 099 – Sleep As a Skill with Mollie McGlocklin

Air Date: 8/13/2020

Do you need more sleep? Do you need better sleep?

I talk about sleep optimization through technology, accountability, and behavioral change with Mollie McGlocklin.

Show Notes:

Sleep Is A Skill
Get Better Sleep
Mollie on Instagram

Episode 098 – Business Matchmaking with Joe Koufman of Setup

Air Date: 8/11/2020

What is business matchmaking? With thousands of different marketing and sales agencies out there, how do you find one? How do you know that they have the skills you need, especially if you may not know exactly what you need? Well, here comes Joe Koufman of with his business matching skills to get you to the right people for the job!

Show Notes:

Episode 097 – How Well-Being Leads To Success with Susan James

Air Date: 8/5/2020

Is a new model of business possible where it’s vision and purpose-driven? Can well-being lead to success? Can we learn to be present? I ask these questions and have a deep conversation with Susan James from Self Discovery Life Mastery.

Show Notes:

Self Discovery Life Mastery

Episode 096 – The Creator Mindset with Nir Bashan

Air Date: 8/3/2020

Creativity isn’t a “nice to have” leadership trait. Could it be the key to success in your workplace and can you be taught how to be “creative?” I talk with Nir Bashan to find out if you’re born with it, or creativity is a skill you can sharpen and use in your leadership toolbelt.

Show Notes:

The Creator Mindset on Amazon

Episode 095 – Supercharge Your Marketing with Brendan Egan and John Shegerian

Air Date: 7/28/2020

Supercharge Your Marketing with 101 Tips From The Marketing Masters. we talk about ways to supercharge your marketing and exponentially grow your business with Brendan Egan and John Shegerian.

Show Notes:

101 Tips From The Marketing Masters

Episode 094 – Account-Based Marketing with Mike Maynard

Air Date: 7/23/2020

In this episode, we talk to Mike Maynard. Mike is the owner of the $5M agency Napier and a self-confessed technology geek. Napier uses Account-Based Marketing to help businesses target their marketing budgets to the biggest and best opportunities while avoiding wasting money on dead ends.

Show Notes:

Napier B2B
Mike on LinkedIn

Episode 093 – Wave.Video with Kate Skavish

Air Date: 7/21/2020

Kate helps us discover video funnels and we also talk about women and immigrants in tech today with Kate Skavish from Find out how to create and post videos at scale on social media or how to create your own video templates.

Show Notes:


Episode 092 – Intuitive Success with Alyssa Williamson

Air Date: 7/16/2020

Life is too short to be sacrificing it all for your business. Intuitive Success Coach, Alyssa Williamson teaches women to reclaim their lives and build the businesses of their dreams.

Show Notes:

Episode 091 – Talking eSports with Mitch Reames

Air Date: 7/14/2020

What the heck is eSports? And why should business owners care? Matt has a conversation with Mitch Reames, a multimedia journalist focused on the intersection of sports and esports.

Show Notes:

Episode 090 – Explosive Startup Growth with Nicki Friis

Air Date: 7/10/2020

Today I talk SaaS startup growth strategies with Nicki Friis and how some of those explosive growth strategies can be transferred to small business and service business marketing.

Show Notes:

Connect with Nicki on LinkedIn

089 – SEO Basics with Matt Rouse and Guest Host Daniel D. Craig

Air Date: 7/7/2020

Guest host and amazing sound guy, Daniel D. Craig from Silent Outburst Productions, interviews our regular host Matt Rouse today to go over SEO basics. That is the ins and outs of search engine optimization, using audio from ProFound.

Show Notes:


Episode 088 – Hook SEO & All Things Real Estate Talk Social Media and Advertising

Air Date: 7/1/2020

Matt Rouse from Hook SEO and Tracey Hicks from the All Things Real Estate Store, collaborate to bring you tips on social media, email marketing, live streaming, and advertising with actionable information you can use to grow your business now.

Show Notes:

All Things Real Estate Store

Episode 087 – From Stress to Success with Tom Nicoli

Air Date: 6/25/2020

Start your journey from stress to success to becoming a true master visionary. Join in my conversation with Hypnotherapist and Trainer Tom Nicoli and find out why he is a loved and respected voice for entrepreneurs and executives around the world.

Show Notes:

Master Visionary

Episode 086 – Cyber Liability with Chantal Rees

Air Date: 6/23/2020

There’s no time to talk about Chantal’s Fantasy Football expertise because we are talking about cyber liability, cybercrime, hacking, data breaches, cyber deception, and information ransom. Did you know that most small businesses go bankrupt after a successful cyber-attack or data breach? Let’s talk about how you can limit your liability and potentially save your company.

Show Notes:

Rees & Rees Insurance Services

Episode 085 – Cold Calling Techniques with Coach Fred Douglas

Air Date: 6/18/2020

Business and sales coach, Fred Douglas uses his extensive non-profit fundraising experience to show you and your sales team how to build relationships and ask for money.

Show Notes:

Transformational Connexions
Free Gift from Fred

Episode 84 – Balancing Online and Offline Business with Holly Jean Jackson

Air Date: 6/16/2020

Holly Jean Jackson helps business leaders get their groove back physically, mentally, and emotionally. She can help take you from fear to freedom and clarity of purpose. An amazing conversation and story with Holly Jean Jackson.

Show Notes:

Holly Jean Jackson website
Free give away – My Life & Business Compass
Holly on LinkedIn

Episode 083 – How to Not Suck as a Boss with Eric Rogell

Air Date: 6/9/2020

Eric Rogell is the host of the Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes podcast and we discuss how to not suck as a boss. A discussion about leadership, power, and the journey to becoming a better boss.

Show Notes:

Downloadable Leadership Guide:

Episode 082 – Three Ways To Use A Content Calendar

Air Date: 6/4/2020

Matt and Kari talk about content calendars, content libraries, and ways to use them to make your life easier.

Show Notes:

Inbox Mastery Facebook Group
Inbox Mastery Course

Episode 081 – Repurposing Content with Amber Khan

Air Date: 6/2/2020

This is a fast and furious interview with the trifecta powerhouse Amber Khan. We explore her mission to help purpose-led and socially conscious businesses grow their impact. She helps marketing departments & purpose-driven leaders 10x the reach of their long-form content.

Show Notes:

Repurpose Den
Gro Biz Niz

Problem Solvers 006 – WSForm Solves Your Website Form Woes

Air Date: 5/29/2020

Matt and Scott talk with Mark Westguard, developer and founder of WSForm, the best forms plugin to land on WordPress in years. We also have a chat about customer service, why most software lately is crap, and how forms still matter.

Show Notes:

WSForm WordPress Form Plugin

Episode 080 – Email Marketing Fails

Air Date: 5/28/2020

Kari and Matt talk about the top five email marketing fails and how to avoid them. We also touch on ways to send better emails to your prospects and clients.

Show Notes:

Inbox Mastery
Inbox Mastery Free Group

079 – Business Continuity and Coronavirus with Joe Apfelbaum

Air Date: 5/26/2020

Are you ready to get re-Mojo-vated? Social Selling Coach, Joe Apfelbaum talks with us from New York, New York, about helping businesses survive and thrive in the pandemic shakeup. We get the latest on the effects on businesses from the east and west coast, as well as practical tips to drive sales in this new age of business.

Show Notes:

Joe Apfelbaum
Evyrgreen Learning

Episode 078 – Raise the Bar on Making Drinks at Home with RaiseTheBarPDX

Air Date: 5/21/2020

It’s time to Raise The Bar PDX with John Paul Ortega.

Can’t go out for a good cocktail and no luck making your own at home?

Raise the bar on your cocktail skills with RaiseTheBarPDX, where experienced bartender Johnny Ortega teaches you how to make a delicious cocktail from the ingredients you have on hand.

Listen Now:

Show Notes:

John-Paul Ortega on Linkedin
RaiseTheBarPDX on Facebook

Episode 077 – Video Marketing with Alex Minor

Air Date: 5/18/2020

Today we talk with award-winning filmmaker and real-life content superhero, Alex Minor about why business owners need to focus on video now more than ever. We also discuss how ensuring good live-video feed matters on your online meetings and Zoom calls.

Show Notes:

Alex Minor on LinkedIn
Alex Minor on Facebook
Alex Minor on Twitter
Alex Minor on YouTube

Episode 076 – Dianna Palm from the Hillsboro Chamber Talks Small Business and COVID

Air Date: 5/14/2020

Deanna Palm, President of the Hillsboro Area Chamber of Commerce, has an honest and open conversation about what has happened to small businesses both in Oregon and abroad and what they can do about it. We also discuss World 2.0, business sectors that are hurting and ones that are growing, as well as the potential fallout as the dust settles from lockdown and quarantine.

Show Notes:

Hillsboro Chamber

Episode 075 – Is a Million Dollar Virtual Summit Possible?

Air Date: 5/12/2020

Anyone can have a zoom meeting. Fewer people can figure out a webinar funnel. But how many can pull off a virtual summit or replace an in-person event with an online conference? Our guest, Liam Austim, is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ where they teach a masterclass in virtual summits and partner with entrepreneurs and thought leaders to build digital conferences. But can you really sell $1 Million from an online summit? Let’s find out.

Show Notes:

Entrepreneur’s HQ
Million Dollar Virtual Summits
Virtual Summit Class

Episode 074 – Keep Banging with Mark Whitney for President

Air Date: 5/7/2020

From door to door sales to suing the government to one of the top-rated political satire podcasts, and even running for President of the United States, Mark Whitney has the experience to help your company take your sales to the next level, and has an amazing story to tell. We also cover some of the difficult decisions facing businesses right now. Grab some popcorn and turn up the volume for Mark Whitney.

Show Notes:

Mark Whitney Website

Episode 073 – Run Your Business From Anywhere with Jeff Mendelson

Air Date: 5/4/2020

Today’s guest is Jeff Mendelson, founder of Effectivo.Social, a full-service digital marketing agency and is the host of the One Big Tip Podcast. He is a world traveler and knows all the tricks to work from anywhere!

Show Notes:

Episode 072- Phil Pelucha Talks World 2.0

Air Date: 4/30/2020

How to think about your business as an essential service and how will you serve World 2.0. It’s time to think about what’s going to happen after the shake-up of Coronavirus. Phil Pelucha from Billionaires in Boxers wants to help you do whatever you want from wherever you want. In every crisis, there are winners and losers, and we want to help you be one of the winners.

Show Notes:

Phil on LinkedIn
Phil on Twitter
Life TV Africa

Episode 071 – Lessons Learned from America’s Top Leaders with Adam Mendler

Air Date: 4/24/2020

Leadership is more important now than ever. We talk with Adam Mendler, author of Lessons in Leadership, who has conducted over 300 one on one interviews with leading CEOs, founders, athletes, celebrities, influencers, generals, and admirals. He helps leaders and entrepreneurs manage what is going on, from the uncertainty due to crisis, to the major changes coming up in a post-pandemic economy.

Show Notes:

Adam Mendler

Episode 070 – Leadership During COVID-19 with Scott Aaron

Air Date: 4/24/2020

Leadership and LinkedIn are the domain of best selling author and speaker, Scott Aaron. He is a Human Connection Expert and we are talking about leadership, connection, and network marketing in the COVID age.

Show Notes:

Scott Aaron

Scott Aaron Facebook

Scott Aaron LinkedIn

Episode 069 – Business and Startup Growth with David Schneider

Air Date: 4/21/2020

We are here to talk about growing businesses and startups, through good times and tough times, with David Schneider who founded and exited two SaaS startups and now runs a marketing agency.

Show Notes:


Episode 68 – Sean Sheppard Talks About Pivoting and Product Market Fit

Air Date: 4/19/2020

The world may never be the same after the global pandemic of 2020. We have Sean Sheppard from GrowthX on the show to talk about product-market fit, pivoting in the post-pandemic, and how entrepreneurs can protect and even grow in the new economy.

Show Notes:


GrowthX Academy

Episode 67 – Outbound Lead Generation and LinkedIn with Dana Lindahl

Air Date: 4/6/2020

Matt talks with Dana Lindahl about how lead gen for B2B companies has moved to LinkedIn and some ideas on how you can use LinkedIn to generate inbound business with outbound messaging and posts.

Show Notes:

Dana Lindahl

Legendary Leadgen: Stand out on LinkedIn

Episode 66 – Cost-Saving Business Measures with Jesse Peralta

Air Date: 4/4/2020

Jesse brings us a whole handful of cost-saving measures and Matt throws in a couple of his own to help you get through the COVID Pandemic with some business continuity. Save your business to fight another day!

Show Notes:



Episode 65 – Get Your Business Streaming Live During the Epidemic

Air Date: 3/31/2020

Join Matt Rouse and Yifat Cohen as they discuss why and how to get your business streaming live now. Show your clients you are open and ready for business. Plus, a frank conversation about the non-business effects of the pandemic as well as the real story behind the lady who sued McDonald’s over hot coffee.

Show Notes:

Virtual Connectivity
Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Episode 64 – Establishing Processes and Procedures That Grow and May Save Your Businesses

Air Date: 3/23/2020

Why during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to document your processes and procedures. We all have processes in our businesses. But are yours locked away in the heads of your key employees?

Establishing processes and procedures that everyone in a company can understand and follow allows you to iterate and improve on them and they are great for continuity. We talk with Adi Klevit from Business Success Consulting Group about how to become a business process hero, and how it can help in uncertain times.

Show Notes:

Business Success Consulting Group
Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

063 – Laura Kubisiak Talks Startups, COVID, and the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

Air Date: 3/22/2020

At OEN they believe that a thriving network of entrepreneurs makes Oregon stronger. OEN helps entrepreneurs start-up and scale-up by connecting them to peers and mentors, startup funding opportunities, and hands-on training.

A nonprofit, membership-driven organization with a 28-year track record, OEN is Oregon’s only organization that supports scalable startups from every industry across the state.

Show Notes:

Business Oregon Coronavirus Information
Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Episode 62 – The Publicity Sales Funnel & Coronavirus Business Tips with Josh Elledge

Air Date: 3/21/2020

Tips to save your business during the coronavirus pandemic. How you can save money on your grocery bill. What does this have to do with Public Relations? It’s time to grow your business and get known for all the knowledge locked away in that business mind of yours! Josh Elledge turns digital entrepreneurs into media celebrities. Are you ready to Up Your Influence?

Show Notes:

Up My | YouTube
Savings Angel
Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Episode 61 – COVID-19 and Immigration Law with Tahmina Watson

Air Date: 3/20/2020

How is the pandemic affecting immigration? What about work visas? Travel bans? Immigration in progress? Family immigration? Let’s find out with Immigration Lawyer Tahmina Watson.

Show Notes:

LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter
ScaryMommy Article on Tahmina
2020 H1B Changes (H1b changes in 2020).
H1B prep in covid-19 days
Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Episode 60 – Growing Your Local Business with Jesse from Chimcare

Air Date: 3/17/2020

The story of a family chimney sweeping business that has expanded from being a couple of chimney sweeps to a national chimney repair company.

Show Notes:

Gas Fireplace Cleaning


Problem Solvers 005 – Matt on Meetings

Air Date: 3/13/2020

Matt talks about meetings. What is classified as a meeting? What makes a productive meeting?

Show Notes:

Most meeting are worthless. 🙂


Episode 59 – Ross Seligman from Sphere CRM

Air Date: 3/09/2020

This week we’re talking with Ross Seligman, who is a Portland Real Estate Agent and co-founder of Sphere, a new kind of CRM for Agents and Real Estate Teams. We talk about the start-up process, what Sphere is, and building a better business by design.

Show Notes:

Sphere CRM:
Living Room Realty:
Ross on LinkedIn:


Episode 58 – Non-Profit Fund Raising with Beth Lewis

Air Date: 3/02/2020

Fundraising for a nonprofit in the arts is in itself an art. We speak with Beth Lewis of Bag&Baggage and the Vault Theater about running two connected non-profits, the difference between community and professional theater, and how fundraising happens in the non-profit arts world.

Show Notes:

Bag&Baggage Productions
The Vault Theater


Episode 57 – Email Marketing for Local Business with Elizabeth Case

Air Date: 2/24/2020

Today we’re chatting with Elizabeth Case from Yellowdog Consulting about Email Marketing for Small Businesses and why it’s important. We also talk about the Small Business Entrepreneurs Council, co-working, and her volunteer work with the Office Hours program. You don’t want to miss these small business email strategies.

Show Notes:

Yellowdog Consulting
Digital Marketing Masters Podcast:


Episode 56 – Local Service Business Marketing with Ryan Hanley

Air Date: 2/18/2020

We talk micro-influencer marketing, engagement, the Fyre Festival disaster and some more advanced topics like influencer attribution, marketplaces, and how to interview influencers before you spend money with them.

Matt also shares an advanced advertising trick for brands that he hasn’t shared before.

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Shane Barker:
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Episode 55 – Local Service Business Marketing with Ryan Hanley

Air Date: 2/11/2020

Join us in a spirited discussion with Ryan Hanley, author of Content Warfare, about starting a new service business, specifically, an independent insurance agency. We talk about marketing tactics any service business or entrepreneur can tackle, and then sidetrack into a spirited discussion about political marketing. You won’t want to miss this controversial episode where the crew breaks all the rules.

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Rogue Risk

Ryan Hanley





Episode 54 – Mixing Print Marketing and Networking with Tiffany Larsson

Air Date: 2/3/2020

With the dramatic drop in print and magazines from 2008-2018, Real Producers Portland has survived and thrived by mixing high-end experiences in business networking with their magazine geared toward the top producing real estate agents. We talk with her about the future of mixed media experiences and the future of print and marketing.

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Real Producers Portland

Oswego Real Estate Group


Episode 53 – Non-Profit Coworking with Sara Zwicker of HillHub

Air Date: 1/27/2020

With international coworking brands like WeWork running into profitability issues, a new model is emerging in the coworking and startup space. Non-profit coworking and startup incubators. We talk with coworking expert Sara Zwicker from HillHub in Hillsboro, Oregon. And we do some trivia from the show, The Office.

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Episode 52 – Getting Organized and Efficient with Allie Gerrie the Savvy Admin

Air Date: 1/14/2020

If you want to scale your business, you need to get organized with systems and strategies that can help you grow. Allie, the Savvy Admin helps us explore ways business leaders and entrepreneurs can prepare themselves to grow beyond their time constraints.

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The Savvy Admin





Episode 51 – Best Advice of our First 50 Podcasts

Air Date: 1/14/2020

Jeremy and Matt discuss the best advice from their first 50 podcasts. We had each of them choose three things they learned and why they are important to you and your business!

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Episode 50 – Seven Marketing Technologies to Watch For in 2020

Air Date: 1/06/2020

The time, they are a-changin’ and 2020 is no different! Here are three things every business leader should be looking at in 2020 to grow their business and to stay competitive. Plus, a bonus fourth thing that Matt and Jeremy talk about at the end. Let’s start 2020 off right!

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