As more people work from home, leave the positions, layoffs happen, and people try to start their own side-hustles or businesses, courses are an important factor in business in a post-COVID world.

Traditional course platforms can be filled with out-dated course material, not sensitive to the World 2.1 we are living in now.

For example, the Inbox Mastery Course for Email Marketing was written during the pandemic. Also a course search platform and help you find professional training resources you need that are more up to date.

For example, I took a course recently and the introduction said, “with more mean and women working in the office than ever…” Obviously this is at least 9 months out of date. If it’s that out of date, what else is out of date?

Another problem with traditional course platforms is that they do not have access to find live webinar trainings or educational online summits. There are often very few free business tools available through course platforms also. Many times the only courses people see are “learn to make money online” where they teach you how to teach people to make money online… to make money online. (Is this some twisted pyramid scheme?)

You want real content, up-to-date, helpful, well organized, and easy to follow. Ensure that any course you are looking at seems to be updated recently if applicable. Because you don’t want to end up as the guy having a “fire sale” while the west coast of the USA and half of Colorado are on fire.

Online Courses Need To Be Up To Date
Online Courses can be difficult to find.

Best of luck finding your courses because education is so important, now more than ever. Every course you take is one more step you are ahead of the competition, which in an online world, is literally everyone.

Note: Though mentioned here, we are not affiliated with or, though Hook SEO, LLC, is the sole owner of the Inbox Mastery Course on email marketing.