If you have a business with a physical office or location(s), winning the map-box on Google means a lot. In some cases, it means everything.

We have conquered the map box for several local businesses and they are killing it. Even during COVID, because people are still looking to do business, and when they Google what they need, the map box is where local businesses get discovered.

Sure, there’s ads and we can help with that too, but ads aside, the map-box is the Golden Goose.

The Golden Goose is the mythical goose that lays golden eggs. It is a repeatable process and that pays off over and over again. It’s worth the effort.

Contact us to manage your local SEO, or you can get started by doing these 10 steps:

  1. Sign up for Google My Business (GMB).
  2. Fill out as much as you can and make sure your descriptions includes the words people type in looking for the service you offer.
  3. Make sure it’s a real location where people can do business with you. Use your REAL business name and address.
  4. Upload images of your interior, exterior, and logo. It is valuable to have photos that include your branding/signage.
  5. Upload photos from a cell phone or a phone that has location data embedded in the photos. Cell phones do this automatically. Take a few photos around the office and upload those. You can download the GMB app to make this easier.
  6. Make a “post” for in GMB. Do this regularly. Weekly or Monthly, just post something in the post section. Use keywords related to your business and location.
  7. If you do business outside your location, snap a few cell phone photos and upload those also.
  8. Make sure you are regularly getting positive reviews. There’s a lot of ways to do this, but I suggest using software called “Customer Voice.” If you need it,  let us know.
  9. Respond to the reviews.
  10. Sign up for other “citation” sites like GMB. For example, Yelp, or Bing Places, or Dex, Yellowpages, etc. We also have a service to automatically add your business to hundreds of these citation sites.
  11. Everything from this point forward would be fine-tuning and would require more technical knowledge. Trust me, there’s more, but the 10 steps before this should get you 80% of the way there. I’m not saying it’ll guarantee you rank well, but it’ll make sure you have a shot at it.

When your potential clients Google what they need, the map box is where local businesses get discovered. In addition, they have the option of calling you by phone. Your reviews are available in the Map Box making them readily available. 

What´s the importance of being present on GMB? Everything. 

Is your company already listed in GMB? Sign up today and we could optimize your SEO for greater visibility.