Instagram reach algorithm changes

How to Ensure Your Instagram Reach Doesn’t Drop 90%

The poop emoji is about to hit the digital fan on Instagram!

Instagram has made a major change to their Instagram algorithm and it could hit your bottom line, especially if you are getting leads and customers from Instagram. Instagram’s amazing growth in 2017 and 2018 makes it one of the hottest tickets in town for marketing!

The announcement on March 15th, 2018, was very politically-correct and user-oriented, but it spells a death rattle for brands that don’t keep up or automate too much.

This Instagram change is being rolled out and will affect brands and users alike, but mostly brands…

Don’t panic!

We have the inside scoop on what’s going on and how it can affect your brand’s presence and reach on Instagram.

Instagram Panic is about to hit!

Instagram Panic is about to hit!


The Short Version

Instagram is going to start testing posts with the top 10% of engaged people in your audience first.

If those people engage with the post, then Instagram will show it to more of your followers.

Instagram reach is only to your followers and not to people outside your circle of influence unless your posts are liked by your fans.


This is similar to the Facebook Reach algorithm but not quite the same. Facebook uses a sliding scale for Page engagement, and it’s a little different.

Do not make the mistake of thinking they work the same.  Because they don’t.

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What This Means to You

If you don’t change to make the Instagram algorithm happy, you could lose 90% of your visibility.

I highly recommend that you implement these changes ASAP and get the jump on everyone else.

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10 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

Use these 10 tactics to save yourself from the Instagram Reach cliff.

  1. No more than 5 hashtags per post.
  2. Try to mix-up your hashtags as much as possible. Repetitive use of hashtags could be seen as potential spam and lower reach. Brand tags don’t count, eg: #HookSEO or #ATREStore etc.
  3. Respond to post comments as quickly as possible. (comments with fewer than 4 words don’t count toward rate of response)
  4. Don’t edit posts – if it needs an edit, just delete it and start over.
  5. Don’t repost old content back to the same Instagram account.
  6. More Instagram Live.
  7. More Instagram Stories. Instagram reported that it is increasing the value of stories.
  8. Posting from places live instead of using pre-made images and loading them from the library.
  9. Location Tagging your posts.
  10. Use “Human” activity. If you feel like something you are doing seems repetitive and mechanical, it probably is. Switch it up.