Hook SEO was interviewed on October 20th, 2014 on The Business Voice show on am1360 KUIK, sponsored by the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.  It sounds like they weren’t expecting us to really nail down how Internet Marketing works these days!

“They are living and breathing exactly what they have been preaching. They have been part of the Chamber just giving away great advice and coming along side our members and really helping them.” – Julie Wilson

Listen to our Interview from KUIK

Learn how Ashley Wirthlin and Matt Rouse of Hook SEO explain how local businesses can use up-to-date Internet Marketing to compete in a global marketplace with Julie Wilson and Shelley Olsen from the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.



What’s in The Interview?

  • What is SEO?
  • What can Hook SEO do for you?
  • How do you keep customers coming back to your website?
  • Does keyword based SEO still work?
  • Why partner with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce?

What Information is Related To Small Business?

  • What is Semantic Search or Search by Intent?
  • How your website is actually discouraging your potential customers?
  • How can my small business use Public Relations?
  • Do your customers expect 2-way communication?
  • What is the reciprocation principle?
  • How do you build relationships and trust online?
  • What is the difference between building attention and building trust?
  • What is the bottom line for small business?