Covid-19 isn’t the only virus spreading right now!

Typically, cybercriminals spread their malware by using misinformation to trick people into opening and visiting their malicious websites. With the Coronavirus pandemic, they are actually spreading their malicious content through factual information.

An example of this is a live dashboard of infections and deaths worldwide created by John Hopkins University. The cybercriminals are creating malicious websites that contain the actual interactive map/dashboard and even selling the process to other cybercriminals to create their own malicious websites.

Do not let your fear or curiousity affect your better judgement.

Coronavirus, politics, any trending news article is most likely being reproduced by cybercriminals on malicious websites to infect your computers for gathering passwords, financial information and/or sending the same to your email contacts who are then more likely to be infected, because they are likely to trust emails coming from you.

Stay safe.

Note. The legitamite, interactive map, if you really must see it, can be found at