Symptoms include a lack of qualified leads, more free time around the office from not having to answer the phone, and spending more quality time on Facebook doing quizzes like, “What kind of cheese sandwich are you?”

Maybe what you need is a website refresh.

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By modernizing the look of your website and improving the actual words on your website that convince people to do business with you.

Isn’t it time you spent less quality time with Facebook and more quality time with your potential customers?

Let me ask you this.

If you don’t update your website, do you think you will get more customers or less?

The fact is, if you don’t periodically maintain your website, your customers will notice, and search engines will too.  They know when you haven’t updated anything in years and it will cost you in search rankings.

There are many cost-effective ways to modernize your website, improve customer engagement, and keep the search bots happy.

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